Space-saving and individual: scratching posts in XS

A huge cat tree that reaches up to the ceiling does not fit in every room - luckily, there are therefore many great mini models that are guaranteed not to neglect clawing and cat-style fun. Space-saving and individual: scratching posts in XS - Image: Shutterstock / Nadinelle

1. Small but powerful: scratching post in a floral look

This beautiful cat tree does not have to hide at all - its size and appearance ensure that it also beautifies small spaces and sweetens the day for playful cats. Here you can whet your claws as you please, chase the integrated plush mice with sound or make yourself comfortable on the cuddly soft lying surface in the shape of a flower.

2. Scratching post - viewpoint and tower in one

Just because a scratching post is small doesn't mean it has to be boring! This beautiful little tree is inconspicuous in terms of color, but with its two floors and the fleece cave it is particularly attractive and cozy. With its integrated toy on the rubber band, it makes cats of all ages fun and is also suitable for playing in pairs.

3. Small adventure playground for extra fun

This little scratching post not only has a cute shape, but is also particularly exciting for cats: with its many holes, it invites our curious house tigers to play hunting, catching and hiding. If you want to make your house tiger happy, you should still stir up his curiosity with a play fishing rod or a toy mouse if he is hiding in the scratching post: he will surely play along enthusiastically!

4. Particularly cute: scratching post with a cozy hammock

And even the most cuddly room tigers do not have to put up with scratching posts in XS format. With this fluffy model, dreaming and resting are as much fun as sharpening your claws. The scratching post is space-saving, but is also suitable for big cats: it doesn't get any cozy!

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02/20/2014 - 3:16 p.m.

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