Cole and marmalade - typical cat!

"Pet Shaming" - in German as much as "shame your pet" - is a trend among American pet owners: people write the sins of their fur noses on signs and share them on the Internet. What sounds mean at first is usually incredibly funny and often very cute, because most of the time when you read it you think: "Typical cat!" and knows very similar quirks from his own salon lions. No wonder that the cat duo Cole and Marmalade are not immune to getting a portion of "Cat Shaming" in this video.

Cole and marmalade are just sweet and lovable. But the two of them wouldn't be cats if they didn't have one or two quirks that sometimes take their nerves off their people. Fighting opponents, loud meowing at night or the strange preference to accompany people to the toilet are just a few of Coles and Marmalade's cute shaming episodes.

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