Scottish Fold: Things worth knowing for keeping

The Scottish Fold doesn't need much space to be happy, but it does take a lot of love and time with its owners. Read here what you should keep in mind with your posture. The calm Scottish Fold needs a loving attitude with family connection - Image: Shutterstock / Ad Oculosjpg

In principle, it doesn't matter whether you hold the Scottish Fold as an individual, couple or family. The adaptable cat with the folded ears feels comfortable wherever it is lovingly treated and professionally cared for. In any case, you should plan to bring a very affectionate animal into the house with a cat of this breed, who cares about being close to you. Cuddling on the sofa and sleeping in bed with their owners is hard to forbid this cozy velvet paw.

Also feels at home in the home: The Scottish Fold

If she is allowed to go out, the Scottish Fold usually does not allow this freedom. She is a passionate hunter and finds the environment very exciting. As calm and cozy as it is, the Scottish Fold does not necessarily need access. She also feels very at home in an apartment. Especially those who travel a lot should keep in mind that keeping two cats is in most cases more species-appropriate than that of a single cat.

Important for the cat: play, cuddle and romp time

Inside, the pretty velvet paw not only places value on warm, cozy places - the time spent playing and romping with its owners is also very important to her. It doesn't always have to be the wildest games. The main thing is to deal with it. In order to keep herself busy, she needs scratching posts and is of course also happy about intelligence toys or other popular toys against boredom.

Scottish Fold: Quiet house tigers with a special look

Grooming and health aspects

Brush your cute Scottish tiger regularly to remove dead hair and skin particles and regularly check your eyes, ears and teeth for a healthy, normal appearance. If you notice any abnormalities, you should see a veterinarian. Having the cat checked there once a year and possibly vaccinated and checked for parasites is also a good idea.