Somali cat: how to keep the fluffy exotic

If you want to offer the Somali cat a species-appropriate attitude, you should adapt the conditions to its lively, playful and sociable character. Below are a few tips on how to make the beautiful fur nose happy. A nice lookout point? The Somali cat doesn't say no! - Image: Shutterstock / nelik

The Somali cat is a robust little bundle of energy. In addition to regular visits to the veterinarian, preventive vaccinations and a watchful eye for parasites and other abnormalities, with healthy cat food you play an important part in keeping your pet fit and healthy. Small, regular meals, with healthy sugar and grain-free feed that has a high meat content, should be carefully selected according to the needs of your pets. If you are unsure about feeding, it is best to consult your veterinarian.

Somali cat grooming

The beautiful, half-length fur of the velvet paw should be brushed once or twice a week so that it is freed from dead hair particles and new, healthy hair can grow back. If your cat is in the change of fur and has more hair than usual, you should reach for the brush more often and possibly use a special brush like a Furminator.

Attitude not alone

The affectionate, sociable cat should at least be kept together with a second cat, because humans cannot replace her as an animal partner. But the bipeds should also take a lot of time for their pet and play and cuddle a lot with them. Living with children and well-behaved, cat-friendly dogs should not be a problem for the uncomplicated, cuddly cat, so that it is simply wonderful as a family cat.

Mini puma with long fur: the Somali cat

Extras for happy cat life

The beautiful velvet paw feels comfortable with secured access, but can also be kept in the apartment with enough space without a spout. Lots of space and plenty of opportunities to climb high are essential for the well-being of the beautiful, lively Somali. She is a very special fan of warmth and is happy about cozy places like heating couches.