Baby kitten finds window cleaning sooo exciting!

"Oh, windows are being cleaned? I think that's great!" The gray and white kitten in this video is really a busy little sports cannon and bounces up and down like a bouncy ball to catch an exciting window cleaning rag. Unfortunately, it overlooks an important fact ...

... that the window is being cleaned from the outside and that it is on the other side of the window is just a little confusing for the junior velvet paw. Full of enthusiasm, he tries to catch the rag and even if it is not successful, he seems to enjoy the game immensely.

In the meantime, his sibling seems to want to see it - but that doesn't mean that the little window cleaning assistant can be dissuaded from his new favorite game. How will it be when its owners try to clean the inside of the window?

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Jan 15, 2014 - 3:55 pm

Cats enjoy the view from the window