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Puppy socialization: tips for dog owners

The behavior of the dog owner plays an important role in the socialization of a puppy. It is he who gives the little four-legged friend security and accompanies him sensitively through this important and exciting time in his life. It works even better with a few tips. Rewards and positive reinforcement should not be missing from socialization - Image: Shutterstock / iVangelos

During socialization, it is first important to consider in which everyday situations the dog should be left later - for example when meeting other dogs, when walking in the city or when traveling by bus and train. These things should then be practiced in the socialization phase - not only the behavior of the young dog, but also that of its owner plays an important role.

Socialization of the puppy: Keeping calm is important

Most of the time, the dog owner is just as excited as his little puppy when it comes to the first practice tours. He should show that as little as possible. The serenity of its owner is an important support for a young dog and helps him to assess a situation as harmless as it is.

Instead of comforting and perhaps unsettling the dog, encourage and praise him in a new situation. If he is scared, you can also distract him with a toy - the main thing is that he gets out of the exercise with good experience. The more relaxed you stay, the more relaxed your little dog will most likely remain.

Think positive and hide the environment

To be relaxed, it helps many dog ​​owners to focus on a positive attitude towards the environment. If something unexpected happens, it should simply be seen as practice - and any kind of exercise is of course good! It can also often be very helpful to hide the people around you as much as possible.

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Even if someone is watching dog training, it shouldn't tempt you to become inconsistent or insecure. Staying calm, calm and reliable is very important in every situation!