Maine Coon: Typical diseases of the cat

The Maine Coon is a large, robust cat that is usually not very susceptible to disease. However, there are some typical health problems that are somewhat more common in some representatives of this breed than in other house tigers. Usually the Maine Coon is a very robust cat - Image: Shutterstock / Kachalkina Veronika

Keep your Maine Coon in good shape with regular vaccinations, species-appropriate husbandry, healthy nutrition and a watchful eye for changes. A little more than with some other cat breed you should also pay attention to the figure of your house tiger.

Maine Coon cats: Obesity is often a problem

Caution: The beautiful, cozy velvet paw tends to be a bit overweight, especially when it is in its prime. Since the bones of large cats like these should not be burdened with too much weight, you should keep your pet healthy through lots of play and responsible feeding. Regular food with balanced, healthy ingredients and not too many snacks in between ensures that the Maine Coon keeps its slim line and thus an important aspect for your health.

HCM and other breed typical diseases

When choosing your kitten, you should make sure that your new baby comes from a reputable breed and has healthy parents. Nevertheless, it can never be completely ruled out that he could develop a breed-typical cat disease. One of them is hypertrophic cardiomypathy, HCM for short, a congenital disease of the heart muscles.

This disease can manifest itself with cardiac arrhythmia and shortness of breath - typical symptoms such as panting after exertion, loss of appetite, bluish mucous membranes, a high need for rest and a heartbeat that is too fast should be clarified with the veterinarian so that in the event of a disease, drug treatment should begin as soon as possible can, thanks to which the cat should feel better quickly.

Other possible health problems

In addition, as with many large animal breeds, hip dysplasia is a problem that occurs in cats of this breed and can develop as early as the growth phase. This disease of the musculoskeletal system causes her problems in the course of movement, which can be of different degrees.

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Cases of spinal muscle atrophy, a nerve cell disorder that can cause paralysis in cats, are also known. Just like the Persian cat, polycystic kidney disease is also quite common in the Coonies.