Poodle: You should know about his character

Poodles are small family dogs that enjoy company and employment. The character of the curly heads is friendly and open. Dear, clever and family-friendly: That is the character of the poodle - Image: Shutterstock / Kankaitom

The sweet poodle is above all docile, smart and lovely. This makes the character of the little four-legged friend very pleasant and makes him an ideal companion for people in general and families in particular. The dog can handle children very well - he is even happy about their company. He is very active and likes to play. Companions in the form of children or companions are a real joy for the little four-legged friend.

Poodle: Smart guy

The poodle has an intelligent and adaptable character. This usually makes the four-legged friend's education very pleasant. He accepts new orders very well and is happy about challenges. Extensive walks, retrieving or even dog sports can please the poodle very much - after all, it was originally bred as a water hunting dog.

Another characteristic of this breed is its affection. The poodle is very fixated on its owner or his family. He likes to be in the middle of the action - being alone is not for him.

Clever, sweet and woolly: poodles as family dogs

A pleasant but watchful character

The larger poodles in particular often have a strong awake instinct. You should include this characteristic in your consideration of an acquisition. The dog is actually not a typical "barker" - but he is definitely communicative and wants to protect his family. If he is sometimes a little cautious towards strangers, he makes new friends just as quickly and shows himself open to people and animals after a short eye.