Entlebuch Mountain Dog: Lively and very active

The Entlebuch Sennenhund is a lively, clever dog. With its multifaceted character, it fits well in the hands of experienced dog owners. With an appropriate upbringing and sufficient capacity, his nature is very pleasant. The Entlebuch Sennenhund is a lively, affectionate dog - Image: Shutterstock / Christian Mueller

The Entlebuch Sennenhund belongs to the smallest of the Sennenhund breeds. He is not shy at all: the active four-legged friend is brave and squeaky-cheeky, a companion with whom it never gets boring.

Entlebucher Sennenhund: A loyal family dog

This very rare mountain dog species has a clingy, faithful nature. Representatives of the breed also get along very well with children - the prerequisite is, of course, that the dogs are well socialized and properly brought up. These fur noses feel most comfortable with their owners and confidants. They can't do too much with strangers - it just takes a little while to trust others.

Usually these mountain dogs are calm, confident and balanced. Nothing can shake their firm character quickly, but also romping around, playing and running are a lot of fun for the sporty and top-fit ​​dog.

That is why it is well suited for dog lovers

As the owner, you should attach great importance to the education of the strong dog. His sensitive side requires good knowledge of dog training and consistency. If you think about it and pay attention to it, it's easy to teach him something.

Entlebuch mountain dog: dog from Switzerland

The Entlebuch Sennenhund is very smart and capable of learning, he also wants to please his people, and this is a good prerequisite for successful cooperation.