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Cats: Ten tips against boredom

Cats want to be busy. So that you can meet the demands of your velvet paw, you can try our tips against boredom - so you can make a change. With these tips you provide variety and fun for your cat - Image: Shutterstock / MaxyM

One of the most important purchases for your cat should be a large scratching post. It is one of the best tips against boredom, because it can offer your velvet paw space to run around, climb, play and snooze. But you can also build a nice climbing course for your cat using other simple means: Simply screw some shelves to the wall that form a kind of staircase - a highlight for house tigers. For example, you can simply stack a few boxes on the balcony for climbing.

Tips against boredom: play

Toys are also good tips against boredom. Simple plush mice are a great occupation for your velvet paw - especially on a smooth surface on which they slide nicely. A simple alternative to this is a ball of wool - your cat can also playfully pull it apart. With game fishing you can keep house tigers very easy and long. A special tip: Some models can be easily attached to the door frame, so your cat can play even when you are not at home.

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So your cat stays fit

Another great way to keep your pet busy is intelligence toys. On fumbling boards, for example, the room tigers have to get small snacks out of obstacles. The tips against boredom also include a self-made course consisting of boards, ropes and tubes. If this is too easy for you, you can also try out clicker training with your cat.