This is how you can treat sneezing in cats

Sneezing in cats can have different triggers. You should depend on how you treat it. You can get tips here. Sneezing in cats often has to be treated with medication - Image: Shutterstock / Andrey Kuzmin

If your cat's sneezing is caused by irritation of your sensitive nose, you can treat it relatively easily. Simply remove the source of what caused the sneeze. This can be a flower, a perfume, for example, or simply a speck of dust. If you notice that your roommate's nose is very irritable to certain items in your household, it is best to remove them. It should go without saying that you should vacuum, wipe dust and stir the floor regularly.

Sneezing in cats: cleanliness helps

Your cat may also sneeze in dry air. Here a humidifier can help to make the atmosphere in your home more pleasant for your pet. If you suspect an allergy, a veterinarian should treat it in any case. Depending on how severe the intolerance is and what it is against, the cat may need to be given drug therapy.

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When the cat has a cold

However, if your velvet paw suffers from a cold, it also depends on how severe the symptoms are. If sneezing is the worst sign, there is probably a relatively harmless cold. Nevertheless, a medical professional should examine and treat your velvet paw. A real cat cold is an infectious disease that can be very dangerous.