Cats and children: tips for living together

If you already have one or more cats and have a baby, you should pay attention to a few things. In order for children and pets to understand each other, they both have to get used to each other slowly. Treating each other with respect is important for cats and children - Image: Shutterstock / AlenaNex

Children and cats can be a great team - if you follow a few rules. The first question is: who was there first? In any case, they will want to claim higher rights. If you already have a house tiger and then have a baby, you have to make the cat understand that your child is not an intruder, but a new family member.

Tips: tiger and children

If you already have offspring and now want to buy a pet, the children should also understand how to deal with the cat. Clear rules are important. Above all, it should be clear to your child that an animal is not a toy, but a living being. That the velvet paw pulls on the tail or similar things should be taboo from the start.

It should also be clear that the child leaves the cat alone when she is sleeping or eating, for example. Cats also need their privacy when they are on the toilet.

Cats and children: a nice team

This is how living with cats works

Of course, living together in your family should not only be determined by prohibitions. It is equally important that you introduce your children to the correct handling of an animal. The little ones have to learn how to understand the signals of the house tigers. Correctly interpreting the body language of cats is essential for relaxed interaction.