Domestic cat from the animal shelter - tips and tricks

There are many four-legged friends in the shelter who are looking for a loving home. If you want to adopt a domestic cat, you should think about a few things in advance. Many great domestic cats are waiting for a nice new home in the shelter - Image: Shutterstock / Rebecca Anne

In general, you should be aware that with an animal from the shelter you are bringing a companion for life - at least for the life of the four-legged friend. Especially if an animal had to have this experience before, it would be all the more terrible for him to have to go back to the home. So be sure of choosing your new animal roommate.

Cats from the shelter

You will find a large number of domestic cats in the home. So it is best to think in advance about what properties your ideal velvet paw should bring. Of course, that depends a lot on your life circumstances: Do you live alone or with a large family? Do you have a house or an apartment? Are you at home a lot or do you work full time? The smaller your home, the quieter the animal should be - especially if it cannot go outside. In the home, too, it is most beautiful for most cats to be kept as a duo. Unless an absolute loner is waiting for a new home in the shelter. However, a domestic cat is usually very sociable and happy about playmates.

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Domestic cat: how to find the right one

When choosing, also pay attention to how the cat affects you, because one domestic cat can have a completely different character than the other. Is she curious and comes straight to you, or is she more reserved and maybe even shy? In particularly apathetic or anxious animals, a traumatic experience may have triggered this behavior. Think carefully about whether you can meet the needs of such a cat - if so, that's great - such "problem animals" are often more difficult to find a home. If not, a happy, trusting velvet paw might suit you better.