Russian blue: character of the cat

The Russian blue is considered a clingy but reserved cat. Their character makes them a very special velvet paw. You should know that about the nature of the beautiful Russian. The Russian blue has a gentle, but rather shy character - Image: Shutterstock / overcrew

The Russian blue is more cautious towards strangers. She has a very typical character for a cat: initially reserved, almost skeptical - once she is "thawed", but very loving. Once the cat has loved its human heart, it can be very affectionate. She loves to cuddle! In general, the beautiful short-haired cat is considered a friendly and meek little tiger, which can be kept well in the apartment.

Russian blue: shy shy cuddly cat

The Russian Blue loves to cuddle and play extensively, but she can also do it alone for a while. This independence makes the attitude possible on its own. She also feels very comfortable with a professional keeper. Nevertheless, the velvet paw is happy about company in the form of a permanent or temporary playmate.

If the cat does not like something, it will never actually become aggressive. She is more likely to withdraw and become shy. Noble restraint is more like her nature than open conflict.

Noble and incredibly beautiful: pictures of the Russian blue cat

The character of the beautiful velvet paw

The Russian blue is also intelligent and capable of learning - despite its dark fur color, it can definitely be seen as a bright head in terms of character and character. It usually accepts a "no" relatively quickly. In the upbringing, the beautiful cat usually does not cause any great difficulties.