The sweetest moments of cole and marmalade

The lively little tigers Cole and Marmalade are already big and always come up with something new to make the friends of their videos laugh. In this cat video, her owner edited the sweetest moments from her time as a kitten.

The black cat is called Cole and is a little older than his adoptive brother Marmalade, who was brought out of the shelter as a baby cat to keep him company. The two get on splendidly and have already experienced so many sweet things in their home!

Getting the first cat toy, fighting with your own shadow, playing meerkats, romping around with socks, being cleaned by your new roommate for the first time, annoying the owner a bit, discovering a fan on the ceiling, being confused by the camera, a sweetest meow show and of course play, play, play! Too cute, these two bundles of joy, right?

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