A kitten in heat - how to calm her down?

We all know the sounds that cats make when they "march". What is different, however, are cat screams coming from the street, and something else - a terrible meowing under your own roof ...

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Some say that a cat in heat is a completely different animal than the one they observe every day. Rolls around, coaxes, flexes and fails loudly… At first, some people may find it amusing, but in the long run it always becomes tiring. What's more, as long as heat lasts, there is no castration - the treatment can be performed only after the symptoms have disappeared. But how do you survive until then? Is it possible to calm down my pet somehow?

Meows and meows ...

Everything worth knowing about cats

A female cat in heat can be very tiring company. Its main goal is to find a partner and get pregnant - the need for procreation is so strong that it affects its entire functioning. She eats less and sleeps less, she becomes restless and agitated. She takes a characteristic posture - she arches her back and pulls her tail back, thus communicating that she is ready for fertilization. However, for this you need a male - to lure him, the kitten meows loudly and often, even fails. It is these desperate shouts that most affect the household members. A kitten, desperately wanting to get out of the house in search of a partner, can walk after a person all day, trying to force release. This situation may last for weeks ...

A kitten in heat - how to calm her down?

The only effective way to solve the heat problem once and for all is castration - a procedure that in the case of a female cat involves the surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries. However, before it can be done, most cats will go through at least one heat. And when it starts, you just have to wait it out. However, there are a few ways that can help make this difficult time more bearable - for both you and your kitty.


It's not easy, because a cat in heat focuses on what her instincts dictate - the need to reproduce. Therefore, you will have to try harder. Maybe you will buy or prepare a new, interesting toy for her? Games involving treats, such as the olfactory mat that requires concentration, can also be helpful. It is also a good time to introduce a new scratching post - if you have space for it or you want to replace the old one anyway. Scratching will help your kitten to at least partially relieve tension.

Calm down

These days your kitten needs even more security and peace. Keep a routine, stick to the usual "timetable". Make sure that none of the household members will harass or drive her away. Respond to her needs - when she craves your attention, talk to her and stroke her calmingly. If she wants to rest alone - make sure she has such an opportunity.

Maybe catnip?

If your pet is in a group of cats that react to this plant, you can try giving her a little while in heat. In some cases, catnip produces similar sensations as after intercourse - it relieves tension and provides temporary relief. It's worth a try - it's a safe way to help calm your kitten down temporarily.

Be understanding

Ruja is a difficult and exhausting experience for your kitty. She is driven by instincts and hormones - her anxiety is genuine. Although it can be difficult with the accompaniment of meows, try to stay calm at all costs. Be understanding with her and try to give her attention every time she asks for her. Do not get upset and do not raise your voice - remember that the kitten is not annoying you even for a moment!

What not to do?

Under no circumstances should you let your kitten outside - driven by instinct, it may get lost or get injured. If she returns or finds herself, she will almost certainly be pregnant - if you do not decide to castrate abortion, there will be more babies in the world for whom there may not be enough homes ... It is definitely better to avoid similar dilemmas and problems.

Some people consider administering oestrus-suppressing medications - yes, there is. It should be emphasized, however, that this is a temporary solution, and it is also burdened with risk. Hormonal drugs work temporarily - heat will return anyway - and upset the body's balance. Their administration may also lead to the development of serious diseases. Castration is a much safer and more effective solution.

What is your experience with cats in heat? We are waiting for comments.

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