This is how your dog feels at home in the animal pension

If you are going on vacation for the first time without your dog and are accommodated in the animal pension, this requires some preparation. So that your vacation does not become pure stress for your pet, you should make your stay in the animal hotel as pleasant as possible. The other animals are important for your dog to feel comfortable in the kennel - Image: Shutterstock / Drew Horne

The right choice of animal boarding is of course the first step in the preparation of the "vacation" for your dog. A previous visit to the pension - of course with your pet - is compulsory. If you have a good impression and your dog is comfortable, further planning can begin.

Holidays in the animal pension: tips

A few weeks before the start of your vacation, you should have your four-legged friend checked thoroughly again by the veterinarian. Does he have all the vaccinations that are needed? Is he otherwise fit? If your dog suffers from chronic illnesses and needs medication regularly, you should of course clarify this with the staff of the animal pension.

If you don't already have one anyway, now could be the right time to take out dog liability insurance if your four-legged friend breaks something or messes with another dog.

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What does your dog need?

In addition to these formal preparatory measures, you should of course also make sure that your pet feels comfortable in the animal pension. Your favorite toys should definitely be in your luggage. If your dog has a cozy blanket or a small basket, it is best to bring these familiar items to the pension. The four-legged friend may not feel so homesick that much.

It is best to clarify in advance how the animal hotel is structured: Do the dogs stay to themselves, or do they play, sleep and eat together? Depending on whether your pet is sociable or likes to stay alone, you should clarify with the staff how they feel most comfortable.

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