Chow-Chow: essence and character

Its tedious appearance does not mean that the chow has the character of a cuddly toy: this four-legged friend has its own head and is known for being happy to be convinced of something, but not being forced to do anything. The Chow-Chow looks like a teddy, but has its own character - Image: Shutterstock / dezi

Smart, self-determined, and alert, as the Chow Chow is, a good upbringing is fundamental to his attitude. Anyone who convinces him from the start with loving and gentle consistency to do what he would like to do, will get to know the four-legged friend from his best side.

The chow chow and its own character

It is important to this dog to maintain a certain independence - almost like a cat, he likes to keep a certain freedom of choice. Having to submit or being forced to do something is against its nature. Raising him well nonetheless requires sensitivity, is difficult for dog connoisseurs and for beginners.

In addition to his stubbornness, which is often brought to light, this dog is also characterized by its calmness. He can not get out of balance so quickly, so that a well-behaved Chow-Chow also gets along wonderfully with experienced, lively children.

Peculiarities and peculiarities of this dog

The Chow-Chow is loyal and person-oriented, he is rather skeptical towards strangers. He shows his vigilance above all when it is dark outside, but he does not tend to yap. Anyone who walks with him will get to know this dog as curious: he likes to sniff around and likes to take a long look at his surroundings on long tours.

Chow-Chow: A fluffy dog ​​from China

Stress and rough treatment are very difficult to work with for these four-legged friends and mostly achieve the opposite of what should be achieved with them, especially in dog training - that's why you should always be calm and patient.