Ragdoll cats and their character

The beautiful Ragdoll cats look a bit like cuddly toys and their character makes them something very special: the loving giants are among the gentlest and most docile cat breeds ever. You just have to love the loving Ragdoll cat! - Image: Shutterstock / cath5

Ragdoll cats usually fit wonderfully in loving families who are looking for a great, balanced and calm house cat. With good treatment and species-appropriate husbandry, a harmonious and nice coexistence with her is almost certain.

Ragdoll cats: the gentleness on four paws

Ragdolls are not only friendly, they are also very affectionate and known to love to follow their favorite people wherever they go. One reason is that they are very attached to their people, another is that they are curious and like to be right in the middle of the action.

In their calm manner, the velvet paws are very playful - but you really only see them as wild animals when they're really wild. Patient and cuddly, like ragdolls, they are usually also optimal children's cats - however, the children should already be big enough not to treat them roughly and to have a feel for when the velvet paw gets too much.

Social and charming character

Ragdoll cats are sociable, cuddly and charming. Even guests are usually very enchanted by their lovely nature. The sociability of the popular pets also ensures that they don't like to be alone and should definitely have an animal partner - they show their social nature, if the chemistry is right, also towards dogs, so that the dog-cat combination could also be used. Of course, the animals should get on well and match well in character and temperament.

Ragdoll cat: gentle giant with blue eyes

Ragdolls are moderately active, very smart, and learn quickly. Many Ragdolls also enjoy learning small tricks or cat agility, so they never get bored!