How cats can get infected with skin fungus

The common thing about skin fungus is: You don't necessarily see cats whether they carry the pathogen for it or not. Not every four-legged friend shows symptoms.

The transmission of the skin fungus pathogen can take place from animal to animal, animal to human and vice versa. In addition, cats can also get the infection from objects and places that are populated with the pathogen - in principle everywhere, but not under any condition.

Healthy, adult cats rarely suffer from skin fungus

Fortunately, the pure contact with the skin fungi cannot harm cats with a strong immune system, because the disease does not break out in them. However, they can still serve as carriers of the disease and can infect very young or very old cats, as well as those with a weakened immune system. Therefore, healthy prevention and sensitivity to symptoms of illness are the best protection against skin fungus in your cat.

Fungal disease in cats: How to prevent as much as possible

With a good immune system, your cat is not only better protected against skin fungus, but also against other cat diseases. Feed them healthy and regularly, make sure that your cat is comfortable and has enough space and employment with you.

This is how you get your cat used to combing and brushing

Not only long-haired pedigree cats, but also house cats with short fur should occasionally ...

Regular vaccinations, parasite precautions and regular grooming are also important. Brush loose, dead fur and make sure that your cat's fur is free of matting, as this would promote fungal attack. If your darling has gotten wet outside, a spot on the heating helps him to let the fur dry thoroughly again, because even moist fur could favor skin fungus.