How to take away the fear of your fearful cat

Your cat's fear can have several reasons. Here you can find out how you can relieve your room tiger. One of the most important tips for an anxious cat: be patient! How to take away the fear of your fearful cat - Image: Shutterstock / igor.stevanovic

If your kitten has just moved in with you, some caution is only natural. If you want to take the shyness away from him, take it slow. Stay in one room with the newcomer and close the other doors if possible. Quiet is the most important thing for the anxious cat. Avoid hectic movements and talk calmly and quietly to the house tiger. Pay attention to the animal's body language.

Cats who are shy: tips

Then let the cat explore its new surroundings a little on its own. Little by little, she will feel more secure and will come to you. Never harass a scared cat - it only stresses it and doesn't help if you want to take away its shyness. If you feel that your new pet is slowly gaining confidence in you, you can break the ice further with a little game. Toy mice are a classic that almost all house tigers like.

Cute kittens with their bottle

Anxious cat: How to help her

The cat's fear does not necessarily have to be caused by a move - it can also occur suddenly. If your cat shows clear signs of inexplicable fear from one day to the next for no apparent reason, you should first observe the situation a little. The scared cat needs space - give it to her! Maybe a new situation or the visit of a stranger frightened you. If your behavior does not improve within a few days, you should consult a veterinarian. Perhaps he can take the cat's sudden shyness away with Bach flowers, for example.