Spanish Water Dogs: Education Tips

Spanish water dogs are working dogs - they need a task. You should bear this in mind when educating Perros del Agua Español. Otherwise, these dogs are very easy to care for allergy sufferers. The fluffy four-legged friends need a lot of exercise - Image: Shutterstock / avarand

The education of the Perro de Agua Español is very productive because it is a very learnable dog. Spanish water dogs have their origins as herding and fishing dogs and therefore they are still very willing to work today. They get bored quickly and need a lot of work. So you should make sure to regularly offer activities to your new pet. Walking the Perro de Agua Español Gassi twice a day is not enough. Dog sport can be a good idea here. Very young Spanish water dogs quickly feel overwhelmed. In the first year you should make sure to give your four-legged friend regular breaks and time for regeneration.

Education: Clear boundaries are important

The Perro de Agua Español has a very special character: if it doesn't know something or if it meets a new person who is initially uneasy, it is very reserved and shy. Barking is not uncommon. The potential dogs for allergy sufferers should never be aggressive. When it comes to education, it is important to show them clear boundaries and to remain consistent. If you succeed, your four-legged friend knows where his place in the pack is. Spanish water dogs are very intelligent and eager to learn.

Water dogs: sporty four-legged friends with a special hairstyle

Pack animals: Spanish water dogs

The Perro de Agua Español also feels very comfortable in a family with children. If the puppies have been brought up and socialized well in the first weeks and months, the dogs for allergy sufferers can be a good playmate for children.