5 signs your cat is more popular than you!

When you decided to choose a cat, you probably expected a large dose of interest that your pet will arouse. But...

  • Living with a cat

… You probably didn't assume that the enthusiasm shown for the purr would exceed your expectations over time. You may have even realized that your loved ones and friends pay more attention to your pet than to you! Here are 5 signs that your cat is more popular than you.

Badge # 1: popularity on social networks

Everything worth knowing about cats

Apparently, pictures and videos of cats are one of the best "clickable" things in the history of the Internet. Theoretically, you are aware of this - after all, you love browsing the profiles of your cat friends. Unfortunately, there is a big difference between being aware of it and accepting it! Perhaps you still cannot come to terms with the fact that:

  • the photo of a purr yawning in the middle of the table got twice as many likes as your wedding session,
  • a video of your pet trying to steal food receives many more comments than the video of your visit to Italy
  • the story with the cat jumping on the door handle (to open the door) was viewed three times more often than the presentation of your renovated kitchen.

The conclusion is simple - your cat really is more popular than you. And you can't really change it!

Sign no. 2: joy in… street

As soon as you go out for a walk purring, the delight is endless. Passers-by accost you, talk to you, ask questions, try to pet the cat, admire its beauty and grace. You also notice that they smile at you much more often. When you go out alone - they usually jostle on the sidewalk to be able to overtake you, and you can only count on a happy smile occasionally. Well, that's the magic of the purring individual more popular than you!

Sign # 3: gifts, but not necessarily for you

When Christmas comes, you usually know pretty quickly who is the most important in your home. You can find a lot of presents under the Christmas tree, but you can see that most of them are intended for your pet. Even when friends come by to celebrate your birthday, they also bring a gift for the cat. We have bad news: you are much less popular than your purr and it's time to get used to the situation. ?

Sign no. 4: the cat is the hero of every phone call

The phone vibrates - you can see that someone in your family is calling. And you already know what you'll hear first: how is your kitty? Has mruczek recovered yet? Does he like the new scratching post you recently bought? You expect similar questions when you receive a text message or talk to someone on the messenger. Only after satisfying the interlocutor's curiosity does the standard fall: what's up with you? Face the fact that unfortunately you are not as popular in your family as you think you are. Your furry dethroned you. Don't break down - you'll only be worried when your loved ones start calling ONLY to ask about your pet, and then end the conversation without being interested in you at all.

Sign No 5: Your home is the place of all parties

… And not because of your cool PA system or the fact that you are a very hospitable host. You may start to suspect something when you come up with a proposal to meet with friends and you hear from almost all of them: maybe it is at your place? Immediately after that it rains immortal: I'll also take something good for your cat! Time to face the truth - your cat is more popular than you are. That's why friends want to meet only at your place all the time.

Now for the examination of conscience: admit who is more popular - you or your cat? Be sure to write about it in the comments!

Author: Marta Martyniak

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