Labradoodle allergy dog: character

The Labradoodle is an ideal family dog. The character of the fluffy dogs for allergy sufferers is gentle, patient and capable of learning - but it can also be very proud. Allergy dog ​​Labradoodle: Character - Image: Shutterstock / jadimages

The Labradoodle is a cross between the poodle and the Labrador Retriever. Therefore, the character of the hybrid dog is composed of the characteristics of the two different breeds. The long-haired curly heads were bred as dogs for allergy sufferers - and indeed: Many people with dog hair allergy are less sensitive to them. The Labradoodle is perfect as a family dog: its character is gentle, patient and not aggressive.

Awakened family dog

The peaceful dog is playful and active - the ideal prerequisite for a home with plenty of space and children who like to romp and play a lot with their four-legged friends. In general, the cute dogs are very learnable for allergy sufferers - and are therefore easy to train.

Since the hybrid dog also contains a portion of poodle, it naturally also has something of the character of the dog - often that is a certain degree of pride. This requires consistency when dealing with the new pet. On the other hand, the dog has a very good intuition and can grasp moods of "its people" very well - and react accordingly thanks to its intelligence. His character makes the four-legged friend a very independent dog.

The Labradoodle: a woolly dog ​​to fall in love with

The character of the Labradoodle

These bright dogs for allergy sufferers can be excited with lots of exercise. The Labradoodle needs a task and must be able to let off steam so that it is balanced. Long and long walks are a good basis, dog sports can keep the sweet curly head occupied even more intensely.