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Medium-sized Schnauzers were famous throughout Germany for their skills in protecting children. Nowadays, they remain playful, patient, protectors and companions for those who are still in childhood and for the elderly. On top of all this, they are world-class watchdogs, showing determination and a sense of control; qualities that make this breed extremely efficient to protect and defend - both properties and people.

Schnauzers mediums will bark when they feel a threat to the family, but they will not make a random or excessive noise, proving that this breed is not the type to bark at anything when properly trained and trained; but, yes, due to strange situations or that he believes to represent some kind of threat.

Originally called the Hard Hair Pinscher, the Schnauzer breed today has three variations and; in addition to medium-sized (or standard) dogs, there are also miniatures and giants, which were created from different mixtures of breeds.


Although it is not known, exactly, which were the crossed breeds for the appearance of the Schnauzer dogs, it is known that the Pinscher is an ancestor of the breed; and names like Spitz and Poodle also enter the list of alleged breeds that may have given rise to this dog so playful and captivating.

Often used in southern Germany for functions such as watchdog, the Schnauzer used to work with the protection and watch of stables in earlier times - being used for this type of activity, mainly because of its good relationship with The horses.

However, to this day this breed is widely used as an aid tool in tasks of guard and protection performed by human beings - since, in addition to having a great sense of control, this dog is also able to identify dangerous situations very quickly.

The first time it was recorded that a dog of this breed was introduced to the world was in 1879, and it was only in 1904 that it was officially registered under the name of Schnauzer, although the dogs at that time were very different in appearance from those that we know these days.

While the dog Medium Schnauzer (or Standard) was recognized by the AKC - American Kennel Club in 1904, its other versions took even longer to be considered and gain its own registration - with the Miniature Schnauzer officially recognized from the year 1926 and the Giant Schnauzer only in 1930.


The average Schnauzer is intelligent, sociable, loyal, caring and has a good memory. He is known for his tendency to bark too much, but if you educate him well, he will only do so when it is to please his owner - or to alert him to any type of danger or threat that may be approaching.

Quite territorial, the dog of this breed tends to be somewhat aggressive towards strangers or strangers who show a lot of proximity to their guardians; and this is one more reason why it is extremely important to be concerned with education, training and dressage of a Schnauzer when taking him home; since, due to this great level of territoriality, the animal may end up attacking friendly people for interpreting its proximity as an indication of threat.

Always alert and attentive to details, the Medium Schnauzer is a fearless dog, always ready to play with children and extremely intelligent, owning the 22nd position in the ranking of the smartest canine breeds from around the world. As a result, it is a dog that can be trained and conditioned for the most varied types of work or behavior with some ease - and, as in the case of all canine breeds, the sooner its learning process starts, the more efficient it is. and how fast it can be.

Bearing in mind that your intelligence level is already quite high when compared to that of other breeds, it is even more interesting the fact that the three types of size of the Schnauzer breed appear in different positions of the ranking. While the Standard Schnauzer occupies the 22nd position in the ranking, its descendant Miniature Schnauzer stands out at number 12 - and the Giant Schnauzer is slightly behind its other breed 'brothers', occupying the 35th place in the list of the most intelligent canine breeds in the world. world.

According to this official ranking, the varied placement of Schnauzer types on the intelligence list would indicate that the level of learning and obedience of the Miniature and Standard types is optimal, and these dogs require an instruction or command to be repeated between five and 15 times until the animal is completely capable of understanding it - while the Giant Schnauzer, which occupies the 35th position, would need up to 20 repetitions of a command to fully understand it.


THE Medium Schnauzer it is a robust dog. Its limbs are muscular and the head is elongated and bearded. The ears can be cut so that they are high or natural, in a "v" shape. The tail is also often cut and the length left is about three vertebrae. It has a rough and hard coat and can be pure black or "salt and pepper".

With height that varies between 45 and 50 centimeters and weight that can go from 13 to 22 kilos - depending on whether the dog is male or female - the Schnauzer is well known for its facial coat, which resembles a mustache.

Specific care

THE Medium Schnauzer he is perfectly adapted to live inside a house, but as he is a very energetic and active dog, he needs daily exercises to keep himself healthy. Its coat also requires a considerable level of attention, and hair brushing is recommended weekly to prevent the formation of knots in the strands and, consequently, the accumulation of dirt (which can trigger skin problems such as dermatitis in the animal).


The medium Schnauzer is a healthy, disease-resistant dog. However, you can suffer from a specific type of follicular dermatitis. You may also suffer from conjunctivitis caused by irritation of the hair and progressive retinal atrophy.

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