CachorroGato launches online management system at Pet South America 2014

Housed in the red and green pavilions of Expo Center Norte, the 13th Edition ofPet South America it started hectic yesterday afternoon (28th), in the city of São Paulo, and even before the entrance gates opened, the lobby of the exhibition center already had hundreds of professionals in the area, eager to check out the launches.

With exhibitors from different segments of the pet world scattered around its corridors, the event highlights cosmetic, fashion, beauty, health and management products among its biggest news. Clothes, bedspreads, ties, ties, decorated collars, ties and strollers for pets are some of the products that fill the eyes of the public present at the fair - not to mention the various special products for the hygiene and beauty of dogs and cats, which take advantage of the lack of state water to highlight the dry bath option for pets.

Seeking to increase the practicality and opportunities of generating business, the online platform CachorroGato (which, once again, is an online partner of the fair) is one of the great highlights of the edition; and launches, during the event, its Online Management System - focused on the administration of companies in the universe of pets.

With the novelty, pet shops, veterinary clinics and hospitals (among others) will be able to streamline the processes of entry, attendance and scheduling appointments or services - saving time for both the company and the tutors who wish to care for or treat their pets; since, through the new tool, it is possible to access the most varied data on registered pets, ranging from their size, gender and race to a history of blood tests and images.

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The registration and tracking of products can also be done through the Online Management System of our portal , which highlights simplicity and clarity for the user and can be managed without specific training or other difficulties.

Machines and equipment directed to companies in the pet world (which provide services such as bathing and grooming, for example) and veterinary medicine are also in the event's pavilions, as well as big names in the universe of pets, including CRMV - SP and Cão Cidadão - created by Alexandre Rossi (Dr. Pet), who tomorrow (29) will have the company of the mongrelEstopinha in his presentation on animal behavior.

In addition to the exhibitors and the new products and services at Pet South America 2014, the event also highlights, throughout its three days, the 12th Paulista Congress of Specialties, the Brazilian Congress of Aesthetics and the Management and Marketing Seminar; providing an even greater basis for the training of professionals in veterinary medicine and animal aesthetics.

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