Your cat is killing birds? This gadget can help

The season for pigeons (and other birds) has just started! What to do to reduce the number of victims of your purr?

It's not just people who are happy about the coming of spring. The blue sky, green grass and the bolder and warmer sun also affect our cats, which "wake up" from winter lethargy and begin to show an increased interest in what is going on outside. A lot is happening! Outgoing cats start their journeys and, of course, hunting… Exactly. Over the next few weeks, many owners will be sorry to discover that their cat is bringing dead birds and rodents home. Can this be avoided?

When the cat brings dead birds and other animals

Even if it purrs sweetly on the couch most of the day, our cat is a ruthless predator - hunting is in his blood. When a potential prey comes within his range, he will surely take the opportunity to vent his hunting instincts. It is enough for him to encounter a mouse while walking, or to spot a careless sparrow - he will catch and kill, and then bring the corpse to the doorstep as a trophy. Most often, to the horror of his guardian ...

Few are happy when a cat brings dead birds and rodents, leaving them on a doormat or - even worse - in the middle of the living room. Apart from hygienic and aesthetic issues, we usually instinctively feel sorry for the victims of our home "tiger" - a tormented mouse or a pigeon is a rather unpleasant "gift" (and this should be treated as evidence of a cat's attachment). If we have a passionate hunter at home, the whole thing can get very tiring - this is where manufacturers of cat accessories come to help.

Cat ruff - anti-bird headband

This collar looks like a wide scrunchie popular in the 90's, and some people call it a ruff - it's colorful and eye-catching. Also those… birds. Anti-bird headbands take advantage of the fact that our winged friends are visual learners and react strongly to vivid colors. A cat “dressed” in a special collar is visible to them from a distance, thanks to which they have a better chance of avoiding its claws.

The most popular manufacturer of wristbands, Birdsbesafe, has been successfully selling cat ruffles for many years and their effectiveness has been thoroughly tested. Numerous tests conducted, among others in Australia and North America have shown that ruffling cats reduces successful bird hunts by up to 87% *. Unfortunately, things are worse for mice and other small mammals - for them the colored bands around the neck of a predator are not a warning.

You can see, baby!

Cat ruffles have both supporters and opponents - but it cannot be denied that a bright headband can significantly reduce the problem of "The cat brings dead birds." However, before we decide to "dress up" our purr in this way, make sure that the collar - just like the original Birdsbesafe flanges - is equipped with a release mechanism to keep your cat safe. At the same time, we strongly advise against collars with bells. Perhaps its sound will scare away potential victims, but at the same time it is torture for our little purr's tender ears!


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