Games for Dogs

Movement and games for dogs are important factors in the development of the dog. A sedentary dog ​​is a dog without health. The owner must bring a routine of activities with your dog and follow it whenever possible.

Playing with your dog also helps the owner, as it is always good to exercise. Always try to keep your dog active and willing, so that it will keep all the hormones necessary for well-being in operation, and the blood circulation itself to keep the animal's health always one hundred percent.

The most suitable dog games

Ideal dog games depend on breed or skills. Some dogs are more prone to certain activities due to their breed, but that does not stop them from having fun with every possible activity. Some games that your dog would like:

  • Hunting Games: Even without being a specific hunting breed, every dog ​​likes to exercise its curiosity by sniffing and chasing things. Hunting can be done in any type of terrain, both large and small, chasing toys or even animals.
  • Search or crawl games: Perhaps the most common of activities. It can be thrown, or the owner can simply hide an object and make the dog search. It develops the dog's instincts a lot and amuses him a lot.
  • Herding Games: Most common activity for dogs suitable for herding work, but releases a lot of energy and brings the dog back to his natural environment.
  • Agility games: These are games that require training and care. They include activities where the dog performs functions, such as jumping, or carrying out commands ordered by the owner. Here competitive activities such as Canicross and Flyball come into play.
  • Frisbee games: Typical game to play on the beach, the dog must run to get a disc released by the owner, it is an activity that helps to develop the animal's attention.

Staying indoors is not a good option

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For dog games, your dog needs space and outdoors. In addition to the importance of healthy dog ​​food, playing with your pet is great for your health. Whoever wants a dog should always be willing to exercise it as it should. The dog trapped in the same place ends up becoming a bored and stressed animal, and will want to release its energy in some way. And this is not good for your furniture. Always keep in mind that a happy dog ​​is an even happier owner.

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