3 resources you can (and should) share with your cat!

Do you want to make your cat happy? Here are three resources you can share with him every day!

  • Cat's advice

Cat life does not always have to be about expensive delicacies! Below are three things to share with your cat. Check each of them - your pet will be delighted and you will not spend a penny!


Everything worth knowing about cats

It has been known for a long time that the strength of purrs lies in ignoring us, the caretakers ... At least sometimes? Unfortunately, the opposite is true. A good tip for any cat lover: pay maximum attention to your pet. Whatever you do - just do it 100%:

  • While playing in a furry - skip reading a book and waving your fishing rod in the air at the same time. It's more fun to take a few minutes for your cat to really go crazy with you than to have half an hour of low-involvement fun!
  • If you are feeding - do it consciously.
  • When you brush the purl - don't do it automatically, focus as much on it as you can.

In a word: be here and now. Watch the purr. He really feels it, and it's much easier to spot a cat's behavioral or health problems when you are a careful observer. Choose quality in your contact - you will see that it will pay off!

Share… TIME

"Time is money," as the old Polish proverb says. It's true, but you are not going to say no to your cat? The more time you spend with your purr, the better? Basically yes, but… Remember that it's not just quantity that counts, but quality too! The cat instinctively senses your interest or… lack of it. The fact is, however, that time is something worth sharing with your cat. Especially if you work and stay away from home all day.

We don't want to make you feel guilty - after all, someone has to earn this nice food that your pet will probably despise at the next meal? So don't feel bad about yourself, but remember that animals love devotion. In other words, if you are at home, spend your time with the purr. Then you will make him happy!

Share FUN

For your pet, play is the best form of attention you can give him - you not only engage in your relationship, but at the same time satisfy your hunting instincts and give your furry great pleasure! There are a few things to keep in mind as you play.

  • The real fun with the cat is to serve him - not you. Any "arm fights", teasing a purr, anything that makes you see him aggressive or dislike it - put it aside, even if you think it's funny!
  • Usually furries need a couple of a few minutes' time slots during the day, at different times (day / evening). However, each cat is different - observe, learn your purr and play with it when it signals the need to do so.
  • If you assume that purr will save himself - you are wrong. That's why you need to devote your time to him.
  • Get creative. Sometimes the simplest solutions (such as paper balls or handmade toys - for example a cardboard track) are the best!

What else is worth sharing with your cat?

What do you most share with your pets? Do you agree with the advice above? We are waiting for your opinions in the comments!

Author: Marta Martyniak

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