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Vacation with a cat: tips

Are you on vacation but wondering where to go with your cat? You can have someone else take care of the cat at home or you can take your tiger with you on vacation. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Vacation with or without a cat? A difficult question - Image: Shutterstock / Nadinelle

Cats are highly localized animals that do not like to travel. Her velvet paw prefers to stay in her familiar surroundings. However, there can of course be reasons that you want to take your cat with you: Nobody can look after the pet in your absence or you have a holiday home that you want to drive to again and again.

Plan a vacation with a cat well

If you keep going back to a vacation home, you probably want to take your cat with you regularly. Then you should plan your trip well. It is important to get detailed information about taking pets on a plane or other means of transport. You also need to get a cat carrying case in which the cat has enough space and can breathe well. Of course, you have also taken care of meals on the go.

When you arrive at your destination, it's best to give the cat time to relax and get to know the holiday home in peace. Maybe you are lucky and your pet will like it straight away.

Have your cat looked after at home

It is easier for you and the cat if the pet can stay at home during your vacation. Then you can ask someone to feed and look after the cat in their absence. Or maybe you solve it by someone guarding you? Then your pet will have some company while you are away.

Another option is to bring the cat to familiar people in the area. Then she is in a strange place, but she knows the people and does not have to endure the stress of a long journey. You have the option if you know cat lovers who are willing to look after a strange animal while you are away.

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The third option is to leave your cat in a cat boarding house. Similar to a hotel, you have to book in advance here. Look for a well-run cat board four weeks before your departure. Take a look at several guesthouses, because your pet will not be helped if you put it in poorly managed accommodation where it can cause health and psychological damage.