Funeral for Animals - Comfort in a difficult time

It is increasingly evident that dogs and cats today are part of the family. They have a birthday party, their own room, a guaranteed spot on the sofa. Often they are the joy of the house, but like everyone else in the family they leave too. Since dogs and cats are part of an increasing number of families, the growth in the number of deaths is natural. A moment like this is extremely delicate and requires that some painful steps be taken; funeral services for animals exist precisely for such moments.

Nowadays it is more and more common for people to look for some kind of service funeral home for animals to give your pet the treatment it deserves at the moment of farewell and even to alleviate the difficulty of dealing with this situation. With this, the services offered increasingly cover the needs and desires of those who wish to pay one last tribute to their pet.

We brought some funeral services so that you can know a little more about the subject.

Cremation or burial?

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A decision that must be made almost immediately is this. Are you going to bury your pet? Or do you prefer it to be cremated?

There are already options for animal graveyards and in some cities, city governments even allow pets to be buried with the family.

In the case of cremation, a few more possibilities are offered. Among them you can opt for your pet's individual cremation and then choose the best destination for the ashes. There is also collective cremation when some pets of the same species are cremated at the same time and some funerals deliver to the pet owner “symbolic ashes”. We even find the “ecological” cremation that delivers the ashes to nature according to the owner's will; in the woods, in rivers and sometimes even on the beach.


Shuttle is one of the services offered by funerals of animals.You can opt for a transport service that goes from the pick-up at your home or at the veterinary clinic to the final destination of your pet, be it the cemetery or crematorium.

Some people nowadays choose to hold a funeral, in which case the transfer may also include this route.


When choosing to have a funeral, there are funerals they also offer the service of decoration with flowers on site and also in your pet's own urn.


When people started looking funeral services to take care of their pets' farewell, they were forced to choose existing urns, such as those for children, for example.

Once again, the expanding pet market asked for more specificity and now the polls are increasingly individualized. They already exist in different sizes and models according to the species and breed of your pet. They can be ordered or purchased ready-made.

Professionals in the field are already prepared for your pet's urn to be the way you prefer, some options include the name of the animal, drawings of paws, puppies' faces and much more that can be discussed in the order.

Advance Plan

Believe me, as some people do with family members, there are already people scheduling your pet's homage. Some funerals for pets they offer advance plans where everything can be arranged the way you want and when the time comes it can help to ease your sadness even more.

This plan is nothing more than a package of services previously contracted. You already decide on burial, cremation, urn, transfer and other options that the chosen funeral home has to offer. Some even have 24-hour assistance in case of an emergency.


Photos, key chains with ashes, cremation certificates are other possibilities for funeral services for animals. There are many ways to honor and eternalize your pet, but surely the best of all is kept in the heart.

All the moments that brought smiles to your face and your family that only our pets are able to produce will be forever kept in memory and will be able to cheer you up at least for an instant, when the time comes to say goodbye.

And after so many joys, nothing better than being able to pay tribute one last time to this being so special that he was always by our side making us happier.

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