Bengals are not a race. Bengals is a way of life! These are the golden three of the Internet

Here are Bengals that are "shaking" the internet with their adventures, beauty and skills.

  • Interesting facts about cats

Bengal cats are beautiful! They resemble little leopards. They also have unique characters. It took a long time for breeders to eradicate the wildness inherited from their ancestors from their nature. Nevertheless, they are still not typical sandwiches - each of them has many original features. The hardships of raising this cat are rewarded with the bond and dedication that Bengals offer to their handler.

We want to present to you three famous bengals that made the whole world love them with their uniqueness. We cannot take our eyes off them: we follow their adventures and activities. We're just… "cramped"!

1. Bengals rock! A bitch traveler

This cat has a life. Many a travel enthusiast could envy him the number of places he visited with his guardians. Reports from these expeditions can be viewed and admired on social networks. Suki's Instagram is followed by nearly 100,000 people! Many aspiring celebrities do not have such a result ...

Ah, just look at this kitten and ... these wonderful views! We dreamed up ...

2. Angel - a real angel in cat's clothing

Angel is a "purebred" cat blogger. It presents clothes, kitchen delicacies ... knows perfectly well what a fashionable lifestyle is! He beats Suki in terms of the number of followers - he has over 100,000 followers! What this cat angel does on his profile contradicts the fact that Bengals are difficult to raise, because deep down they will always be wild. If anyone says so, meet Angel Bengal Girl.

3. Simba is proof that a cat can be trained and raised

Simba is an extremely intelligent kitten - he catches all the tricks in no time! He can perform five tasks: "give a kiss", "stand", "sit down", "fetch" and "give your paw". The next command his tutor wants to teach him is "fall."

Learning a cat requires a lot of patience and many ... delicacies. But it's probably worth it - just look at the effect!

Each purr can be proud of its unique beauty and abilities. Even these seemingly ordinary kittens can be the most charming and surprisingly clever. But when it comes to Bengals, these three tigers are leading the web - which one do you like the most? Let me know in the comments!

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