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Greyhound file

The Greyhound, also known as the English Greyhound, is mainly used as a running dog. They usually go through oval circuits, chasing a hare. They are capable of reaching 80 km / h.


The origins of Greyhound they are quite inaccurate, but it is believed that this dog could have predated the ancient Pharaoh Hound, from the Middle East, but it was in England that it was established. The English Greyhound is used to hunt deer and wild boar and, for years, is an excellent hares hunter. These days they already take everyone.


They are independent, calm, sensible, discreet and silent. The Greyhound likes the comfort and warmth of home and loves to take a nap. Despite showing little love, they feel great affection for their owners, with whom they are sweet and affectionate. Greyhounds are dogs that like children, but are not disturbed. If that happens, keep your distance. Already with strangers, Greyhounds are indifferent and often shy.


The Greyhound is proportional, harmonious and well muscled. It is powerful and flexible. Its head and ears are long, narrow and small. Its coat is short and firm.

Specific Care

It is totally suitable for indoor life, but the ideal is to have a space where he can play and run freely to spend energy. It is advisable to provide a soft bed, as the Greyhound can develop pain in the skin and spine.


The Greyhound is a very strong dog, but it can have hemophilia A due to the low fat content in the body. As they are dogs that "exploded" on the tracks, they are very sensitive to the possible drugs (steroids) used in championships.

Video: GREYHOUND - First Battle (July 2021).