Could a cat be a professional spy?

Could a cat be the perfect spy? It seems that with their curious nature it would not be difficult for them. As it turns out, the cat's abilities were appreciated even by ... the CIA.

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The exceptionally curious nature of cats means that they always appear when cutting vegetables in the kitchen, morning preparations in the bathroom, and each shopping net must be thoroughly analyzed by them. But can a cat be a spy? Well, the surveillance predispositions of the kittens were appreciated by the American intelligence agency CIA. Because can there be a better super agent than a cat?

A cat as a spy, or the Acoustic Kitty project

Few people know that in the 1960s a project was implemented to make cats secret agents in the intelligence services. Until 2001, the project remained classified in the CIA archives.

The choice of cats should come as no surprise. Living outside, deprived of caretakers, exterminating rodents - this is an everyday image, also in large cities.

As part of the project, cats were surgically implanted with microphones and transmitters and used as walking wiretaps. Of course, there was no shortage of appropriate training and training for furry companions. If the cats could still understand all the detective's advice, they would surely have tracked every mouse under a broom. However, any cat handler knows how difficult this task must have been. By their very nature, individualists, much more independent, did not lend themselves to training as easily as dogs.

This project could not exist permanently. The initiators themselves quickly found out about it when they sent the first cat on a mission involving wiretapping of men in a local park. Unfortunately, before the animal reached its destination, it died under the wheels of a passing taxi. Then the scientists concluded that there was no point in using cats for intelligence purposes. Environmental factors constituted too great a threat to their safety, and thus made them an unworkable surveillance object. After 5 years of research and $ 20 million spent, this failed idea was abandoned.

What happened to the other cats included in the study? Apparently, all electronic objects were removed from their bodies and allowed to enjoy a carefree life.

The cat is the spy of the world

Everything worth knowing about cats

However, the espionage nature of cats makes itself felt at every turn. Hunting sisal mice or watching birds through the window are the most frequently chosen entertainment. Can you imagine how you can spice up your cat's days by adding a real journey through the surrounding world to it?

Bicycle baskets for transporting small animals, including cats, are becoming more and more popular. Spring and summer are a great opportunity to change the means of transport to the vet. However, take care not only about the safety of your pet, but also the means of transport itself, using, for example, GPS for a bicycle.

It's time to abandon classic containers in favor of safe, transparent baskets or transporters that will make your cat's journey a real highlight. After all, in the life of an animal spy, there must be room for permanent observation of the world so that he can learn about it. In the next life, it will definitely be useful to him.

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