Why do cats like to climb under the covers?

You searched the entire house and the cat is still nowhere to be found? You start calling, move your favorite toy and, in an act of desperation, pull out his favorite delicacies. And suddenly ... bingo!

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Suddenly, you notice that the cat's extended paws stick out from under the covers. It was the sound of his favorite delicacies that he woke up, stretched and decided to come out of his hiding place, that is ... from under the bedspread. Why does the cat go under the covers? After all, we wouldn't have lasted too long under it. Well, the purrs are different - they have their own special reasons. Some of them can be safely called "quilt cats". Of course, not all tigers fall under the covers. There are also those that prefer to lie on it rather than underneath it.

In search of warmth

Cats are definitely thermophilic. On warm days, they like to take advantage of the sun's rays, basking on the terrace, window sill or in any other place where the sun reaches. And when they run out, they look for another way to keep warm. Some cats prefer radiators, others have laptops turned on, and still others a bedspread.

So cats fall under the covers for the same reason we do - to keep warm. Especially when it's getting wetter outside and the thermometers show lower temperatures.

Why does the cat go under the covers? Because I want to be close to you!

The one who claims that cats are unable to establish a close relationship with their owner… knows nothing! Cats can show us affection in many different ways. If you have an amazing bond with your cat, he will want to be close to you. And since you spend a lot of time in bed, purr will be happy to join you. What's more, getting under the covers is not only warm to him, but also as close to you as possible.

To feel safe

A cat, going under the covers, can create its own safe base and set off a piece of space where no one disturbs it. Perhaps she is hiding from another cat that is in the house to get a little peace. Quite possibly he likes the dark too. Particularly timid purrs, who are afraid of various sudden and loud noises (e.g. storms, fireworks), may like to hide under a blanket.

What's more, it can also be his vantage point - by sticking his mouth out from under the duvet (yes, the cat thinks that since the torso is hidden, no one can see it), he quietly observes what is happening nearby.

Just for fun

Cats love to hide, but also love to play. A bed, a duvet or a cat seem to be something really cool for a cat. Most cats also react to the fingers moving under the bedspread. They start jumping on them, sometimes licking them, and at worst they just bite - well, you had to lie still. When the cat gets under the covers, the fun begins!

If your cat hiding under any of the covers is not accompanied by other disturbing symptoms, then you have nothing to worry about. Does your cat get under the covers?

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