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Papillon Card

The name Papillon comes from the moth shape that your ears have when they are raised obliquely (papillon means butterfly in French).


THE Papillon it already appears represented from the 13th to the 16th centuries in French, Italian and Flamenco paintings. This dog, for several generations, was a scarce and valuable dog, much sought after by nobles.


It is a kind, playful, lively and curious dog. He surrenders completely to his owners and only looks maliciously at strangers.

He barks a lot and is a bit of a sportsman. Papillon is endowed with great intelligence and likes an owner who knows how to appreciate his grace and beauty.


The Papillon is a small and harmonious dog. The legs are straight and quite thin. It has a long snout and thin ears with fringes, implanted well behind the head, with the pavilion wide open and directed to the sides.

There is a variety of this breed that has drooping ears, the tall and long tail, also with many fringes, such as the ears. It has abundant, fine and silky wavy hair, which can be any color.

Specific care

Papillon's coat does not require much care other than having to be brushed regularly so that it doesn't stick with us in the fringe.

The ears, anus and foot pads must be kept clean to avoid infections.

It is an easy dog ​​to teach, but if it is not educated from an early age it can become a frantic bite.


The Papillon is a robust dog and enjoys good health. Despite this, there is a risk of dislocation of the patella and epilepsy.

Due to their small size and thin skeleton, they are also prone to bone fractures and other similar injuries.

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