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Samoyed Sheet

Spend time with a Samoyed and it becomes obvious that this is an old working dog. Faithful and intelligent, the Samoyed is willing to help with any task. His temperament is gentle, confident and noble. He is also active and playful throughout his life.


Samoyed dogs are from Russia. According to studies, this breed is one of the oldest, as it descends from the dogs that accompanied the migrations of the Samoyed tribes, who lived in Siberia and whose origins date back to Prehistory. With the first polar expedition, Westerners became interested in these dogs around 1870 and in 1909 the first dogs of this breed were seen in England.


He is a loving, sensitive, intelligent and cunning dog. He likes to accompany his owner everywhere and, being a cheerful and playful dog, he makes an excellent companion for children. With other dogs it is very dominant and it costs you nothing to interfere in the fights.


This white plush layer is strong, resistant and durable. His eyes are almond-shaped, with a lively and intelligent expression. When the dog is attentive, its tail is curved forward on the back, at rest, it fell to the hock. Its fur is thick, heavy, dense, flexible and is usually white.

Specific Care

If there are cats out there, you need to train him to understand that cats are companions or will hunt them without any contemplation. You have to brush Samoyed's hair often during the day. He needs daily exercise to keep fit, as long as he is well protected from the sun and heat.


Generally, a Samoyed does not have many health problems, but can suffer from hip dysplasia, deafness, dwarfism, progressive retinal atrophy and other eye problems.

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