15 Annoying Things Cats Do

We love our cats. Their nature constantly fascinates. Our phones are bursting with the number of photos of purring children. They are beautiful, intriguing, waiting for us at home, they calm down with purring, they watch over us while we sleep and have a positive effect on our health. Cat nature can, however, throw its owners off balance. What annoys us about cats?

What annoys us about cats?

Sometimes feline behavior that is troublesome for the handler is due to instincts, and other times from individual character traits. It also happens that they are caused by diseases. However, if we understand their cause, we'll stop reacting nervously and find a way to deal with them or simply accept them.

1. Wakes you up at night

After a full day of work, you recover while you sleep. You have little of it, because you have to get up again in the morning, so you want to use every minute of it to sleep. Meanwhile, the cat meows, teases, runs around the apartment, scratches - it does everything to wake you up. Why is he doing this? It's very simple: you weren't home all day, so the cat was asleep. Now I need to go crazy, preferably with you! It may also be because he is really hungry. Cats eat often but small amounts. During 8 hours of our sleep they can get hungry. Leave him a tucked batch of food in a more inaccessible place - let him find it when his stomach grumbles, and play with him before bed so he can use the accumulated energy.

2. Gravel, gravel everywhere

Żwirek is often found wherever it shouldn't be. In bed, in a blanket, on the couch, on the table… just not in the litter box. Well, our kitten loves to rummage in his toilet. The granules then get between the cat's fingers, and then travel along the home routes with them. The solution may be a special mat located next to the litter box, which acts as a doormat.

3. Scratches furniture

Scratching is a cat's basic need. It gives him the ability to stretch the muscles, get rid of the dead layer of epithelium from the claws, leave odor and visual traces. Scratching helps to keep a cat's health. Besides, it is a signal to others: "this is my territory". There is no way to teach your cat this. You can, however, redirect this behavior to items intended for scratching. You need to give your cat interesting scratching posts to scratch. And place them where the cat likes to pursue its scratching tendencies. So next to the sofa, next to the door frame - not in the corner behind the door.

4. He is fussy

What annoys us about cats? Gourmet keepers are sure to suffer from a feline mood in the dining room. No wonder, because good karma costs a bit, and purr, despising it, deals a blow to our wallet. Cats are hedonists - they only do what they want and eat what they like. Sometimes you will have to experiment a bit, but in the end you will get to know the culinary tastes of a kitty and learn how to compose an optimal menu. Lack of appetite, however, may indicate an illness, so if the cat suddenly becomes extremely fussy, seek the help of a vet.

5. Pee wherever she falls

Litter box problems are a very common ailment, especially in cats. The males mark their territory in this way. This is a deeply ingrained behavior and only castration can prevent it. However, pissing in corners also happens to kittens. In a bag, on a bed - a cat may be jealous, suffer from loneliness or longing, or simply want to mix its scent with yours out of love. While it's a bit gross for you, there's nothing strange about it, let alone a bad thing for a cat. They also peed cats with kidney or bladder disease, and those whose litter box is notoriously dirty.

6. He sleeps in strange places

Is sleeping in different places what annoys us with cats? After all, this is quite a cute quirk, because there is nothing more fun than a cat that sleeps in a funny position where it should theoretically never be. Sometimes, however, it can be troublesome if, for example, he falls asleep in a bag, washing machine, litter box, shoe or in a bowl with food, and sometimes even dangerous when he takes a nap in the car's engine or in an open oven. Cats, however, have their reasons to sleep in such locations. What? Read HERE!

7. Those annoying paw prints

Although cats are masters at sneaking silently, sometimes they unconsciously leave traces of their presence. Even more so if the cat was playing with water from the sink or its bowl before. Footprints left on the table, fresh linen, polished floor, do not necessarily change the decor of our apartment in the desired way.

8. He puts on the laptop ...

This is definitely something that annoys us with cats. And it's not that the laptop has magnets for these animals. The point is, the laptop generates heat (something that the purrs love the most). Besides this aspect, there is also another reason. The cat reasoned as follows: "Why does a person keep looking at that electric box for so long? Let him also look a little at me! " So it's an attempt to get attention and be the center of attention.

9.… and on papers

Whenever we want to read a book or newspaper, or work with documents, our cat appears within a dozen or so seconds and settles down comfortably on them. As it turns out, it's his evolutionary heritage. Cats have lived in libraries for centuries to protect books from rodents. Another reason is that paper is made of wood, and cats love to climb trees. In homes, paper is a substitute for them. It is also a source of heat and rustling, and another request for our attention!

10. Kleptomania

The cat's kleptomania is a scientifically established phenomenon. Do items in your household also mysteriously disappear? Look under the bed or anywhere your hand cannot reach. He could have taken them there and camouflaged your pet. Cats that steal and hide items can mimic the behavior of their wild brethren hiding their food. This is also the behavior of kittens that were taken away too early. If you want to reduce cat thefts, make more time for your purr. Play with him and devote your attention to him, and most of all, hide dangerous items from him, e.g. rubber bands.

11. Turning your bum over

Some cats love to turn to us ... with their booty. This is a behavior that often upsets us in cats. It's hard for anyone to like it! When you find out what it really means, you will change your mind. The scent glands are located at the base of the tail and along its entire length, and a cat that allows you to get close to them, according to feline savoir-vivre, is extremely kind. It is the feline equivalent of a human handshake. The animal asks for your attention, touch and exchange of smells in order to deepen your mutual bonds. There is also a theory that this is how the cat shows you its submission.

12. Dumps various items

Everything worth knowing about cats

Have vases, frames and other decorations disappeared from your shelves? Cats love to jump to higher levels, and when they encounter items that can be moved to another location, they do so. However, they do not do it maliciously, because cats do not know this feeling. There are several rational explanations why cats throw objects off the table or shelves: boredom, trying to get attention, curiosity, visualizing the hunt. Teaching your cat this behavior will require a lot of patience and self-denial, and it will also be very time-consuming. It will be much faster for us to accept this fact and remove the precious items from on high.

13. Bites flowers

Cats love to gnaw on the leaves of all our home flowers. This is something that certainly annoys us in cats, as some plants are difficult to breed. Cats also like to chew on the petals of plants that are in bloom. Unfortunately, poisoning can be a consequence of this behavior! A large proportion of houseplants are harmful and even poisonous to the cat. So before you get yourself a flower, make sure it is safe for your roommate!

14. He is stalking you in the bathroom

At your home, is it also impossible to close the bathroom door, which results in a desperate meowing on the other side of the door? I think all cat lovers know it very well. Why this lack of respect for someone else's personal space in animals, which defend their own privacy with such verve? Cats just love bathrooms, incl. due to the fact that it is warmer there. Our stay in the toilet is also a great opportunity to be alone with us and ask for some tenderness. In addition, some kittens simply go crazy at the sight of the rushing water.

15. Leaves hair

Well ... Soft cat fur is one of the things that makes us fall in love with purrs. Fluffy kits, plush undercoat - they please the eye and are extremely pleasant to the touch. However, just like humans, animals also lose hair. Especially when they are stressed or when the seasons change. To master this process, we should take care of the cat's fur by brushing the pet regularly. You should also equip yourself with an infinite number of decompressing rollers and carry them in a handy bag. This is probably a small price to pay for being able to associate with a cat, isn't it?

Remember that cats don't do anything to spite us. They behave in harmony with their nature and only understanding it can bring positive effects both in redirecting unwanted behaviors and in reducing their more or less destructive effects. Does your kitten engage in any other annoying practices? Share with us what you think annoys us most about cats.

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