Cat Snacks

There is an absurd variety of types of snacks, with flavors from the most diverse and unimaginable to the most common that everyone knows. However, it is important to note that the news is not always good and we should be careful when buying a snack for cats.

First of all it is important that there is moderation and that the snack does not become a necessary constant for the cat, but a treat, so that he knows that it is a reward and that he is happy with it. You snacks for cats they also cannot have a high content of fat, salt and sugar, as these can cause several damages to your cat's health, such as hypertension, kidney problems, obesity or diabetes, besides that exaggerated snacks can cause diarrhea. Remember that the snack is not a complement to your cat's food, but rather a sporadic treat.

Because they have a more attractive aroma and flavor than diets, if cats are constantly given - just like dogs - they can stop eating the food for this reason, causing a nutritional imbalance that can even affect their growth in the case of puppies.

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In addition to being a great treat, snacks for cats can be used to help train them to obey some commands, the same way it is done with dogs, but for this it is important that the training is done before meals, so that they do not give up the snack and also in small intervals, because in addition to keeping your attention for a short time, too many snacks can take away the appetite of the pussy and disrupt its feeding.

Whenever you are giving your pet a snack, look for one that has fewer dyes and never give leftover food such as pizza edges, leftovers from lunch and especially chocolate, which is toxic to pets and contains substances that can cause health problems.

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