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I am a Clementine.

I am still very small, but so far I lacked happiness. I don't have a hind leg. It is cut in half. I can't run as fast as other cats, I fall over. I miss this paw so much, why has it happened to me? Why me? My mother licked that paw, I remember the terrible pain and fear, but the wound healed at last. It's good that our mother found a fairly quiet place for us.

I was born with my siblings in such a recess in the wall, just a few bricks taken out, but there was enough space for us. Then my mother moved us to a more safe place. The school janitor and other people brought us food because I was born in the school grounds. Fortunately, we found people who like cats. The janitor is a very good man, and so are the others. We were given bowls and dry and wet food to eat. My mother started going with my siblings somewhere further away, I couldn't make it, I fell over, and because the street was close - I was afraid that I would not have time to escape from such fast, huge machines. They also jumped higher, and I couldn't cope. I stayed at the bottom because I jumped higher - it was too much for me. I could not make it. I didn't have the strength. One day, as if that was not enough, my mother disappeared. She just disappeared along with my two brothers. I do not know what happened. Then came people from the foundation that helps cats.

The janitor caught me and put me in a transporter. Now I know what it is. Then I was scared, what would they do to me, why did they lock me up in a box? I remember my little heart, it was pounding terribly. A man like that came for me and took me away. Oh, what have I experienced, thoughts swirled in my head and the question was - where is he taking me? So far I have known this tiny piece of the world and now it takes me somewhere. I see a territory completely foreign to me, man how big this world is! Oh no, he's packing me into one of those big rushing machines. What awaits me? I did not know. I was afraid. How terribly I was afraid!

We went to some place, there was this lady who looked at me, pressed something into my neck and stuffed something into my mouth. And again we went somewhere with this machine. They only opened the transporters in a new place and placed them in such a large cage. Now I know that so that I do not run away from them somewhere out of fear. Everything was new to me. I immediately caught what the litter was for in such a large container. Tosia looked at me through the bars - they took Tosia in because it turned out that she had pellets in her head. Man how can people be so horrible! Why are they doing this to us !? Tosia walked with the pellets for a long time, fortunately it stuck to the bones of the skull, she was taken to the foundation for sterilization and it turned out that she had pellets in her head. I quickly realized that no one would hurt me here. They gave me a lot of all kinds of goodies and they petted me. After a few days, they opened the cage and I could leave it whenever I wanted. Gosh, I could run, play all over the room and not be afraid of those big machines or people anymore. It was peaceful and safe here. During the first days we got to know Tosia. Tosia was looking at me terribly, she was curious where my paw is missing, I don't know, she thought that if I have three paws, I'm not a cat? Now we run and play. It really is Tosia, I fall over. If too much is chasing me, I hide - I have several such places. But Tosia is cool. She explained to me that I was lucky that nothing bad would happen to me here. That no one will hurt me. I know it already, although at the beginning I didn't know what these people wanted from me, they stroke and stroke me, they tell me something, and I don't know what, because no one has ever done it before. Tosia says I'm making progress. Sure I do. I have a lot of food, I have several places where I can sleep comfortably. I don't know what will happen to me, I will grow. How will I live without that hind leg? Can I do it? I can see other cats running through the window, I can see what Tosia can do, I realize that I can't do that. I don't know if I will stay here or will they find me another house? Tosia says that she met many cats here and people found them nice houses. She says she's not sure if this is a good place for me because this house is close to the street and if I will be smart enough to stay away from the street. I don't know many things yet, I learn many things, I get to know something new every day. Will I be smart enough? But what does it mean, what is it for Tosia? Maybe they will find me a new house away from the street? All because of this paw. I only remember terrible pain and fear. I don't even know exactly how it happened. It happened and I ran and ran away. How did I get away? It's good that my mother was with me. What happened to her? Well, I'll never know again.

Okay, so far I have a roof over my head, my friend Tosia, always full of a bowl and good people. I am small, my life has only just begun. Once I'm safe, it's gonna be somehow. If only I would stop falling over when I try to run. That one rear paw must work for two. Tosia sometimes tells me that I'm running too slow, but what can I do. But okay, thanks to her I have movement and the hind leg is stronger. After all, I'm a child, I'm just growing up, I'll be as big as Tosia.

Soon I will write what's new in my cat life ... Thank you for reading my story. It is an amazing feeling to know that there are others who are interested in the fate of a little kitten like me. The cats in the backyards that I saw said that we do not care about people, we are indifferent to them, and sometimes they hurt us. Just like Tosi once did. Recently, I thought that I would spend my whole life in nooks and crannies, who knows where else. And that I will not interest anyone. I was scared of people, they brought me food, but I didn't let myself be petted. Unless I was terribly hungry then… almost. But now I am not afraid and let myself be petted. How long will I grow and be like Tosia? I wish I could be so big already. Okay - I have to be patient ...


Klementynka is under the care of the "Change the World" Foundation, one of many saved lives - she is looking for a home.

The "Change the World" Foundation has the status of a public benefit organization (KRS number 0000124918), therefore supporting the foundation you can use 1% tax deductions. It was established in Tarnów in 2002. All volunteers work for charity and do not receive any remuneration for their work. There are no offices or jobs - everything they do, they do for animals.

The goal of the Foundation is:

- activities for the humane treatment of animals

- anti-killing activities for fur, sports, entertainment use

- education for the proper care of domestic and farm animals

- providing food to a dozen or so colonies of free-living cats in the city

- adoption actions for cats adapted to life with humans

- cat population control by sterilization

- providing houses for cats where the basement windows are closed (winter period)

- monitoring the population of homeless animals in selected areas

- controlling the living conditions and health of the animals.

- promoting knowledge about "deep ecology"

- education for a conscious, responsible attitude to the natural world

- education for the preservation of essential ecological processes and life support systems

- promoting pro-ecological behavior and ecological awareness

- education for, reduction of energy consumption, the amount of waste, pollution.

- education for organic food and organic farms

- education on environmental damage caused by industrial farms.

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