Spanish Water Dog

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The Spanish Water Dog is one of the oldest breeds in Spanish territory. He is a great swimmer and an excellent diver.


There are several theories about the origins of this disheveled race. The most widespread says that the Arabs, during the Islamic invasion of the year 711, brought the Spanish Water Dog to the Peninsula. Others claim that the breed arrived in Spain from Turkey in the late 18th century, beginning of the 19th. In any case, this dog ended up adapting perfectly to the environmental and working conditions in Spain. In the north, it was used to help fishermen and in the south, it was used in hunting and herding tasks.


It is a very lively, lively, faithful and balanced dog. He is intelligent, obedient and learns easily. He loves to play, to be caressed and could spend hours diving and playing in the sea. It gets along especially well with children.


With a robust body and broad chest, it is characterized by its curly and woolly hair. Underneath this cape is an athletic, rustic dog with good musculature. It has triangular and drooping ears, a medium-sized tail that is usually amputated around the second or fourth vertebrae, but only in the few countries where this practice is still allowed. Your skin is flexible and thin.

Specific care

It is a dog that adapts very well to all situations, but if you are going to live in an apartment, you need to exercise daily. Due to its hair, it is very dirty. It is recommended that after each walk you examine the coat well to see if there is nothing nailed to it.


This dog is in excellent health and has very few characteristic problems.

Video: Spanish Water Dog Puppies - 6 weeks old (July 2021).