Veterinary Ambulance - Optimal hospital transport

Veterinary ambulance is the safest, most reliable and practical way to provide fast and efficient care to animals in cases of emergencies and serious accidents. As in the case of human beings, emergency care and adequate rescue for an animal can make the difference between life and death.

With this in mind, the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine (CFMV) defined, in January this year, a new resolution that requires the availability of a veterinary ambulance in establishments (such as clinics and hospitals in the segment) that have the transport of animals in serious condition as part of their services offered.

Vehicles considered common can become ambulances suitable for transporting animals in emergency cases, however, there are a number of essential items for the car to be equipped according to the requirements of the CFMV, such as stretcher, monitoring devices, mechanical ventilation and systems for the application of serum and the provision of oxygen.


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According to the new rules, establishments that provide this type of service to animals must, from now on, divide their cars into two categories: transport vehicles, which can be simple and are directed to the removal of pets in serious condition - without health problems - for services such as bathing and grooming, and ambulances, which must be properly equipped and are directed exclusively to the assistance of emergency cases, which must mandatorily count on the presence of a veterinarian.

In addition to the requirement that, now, guarantees even more security in the care of your pet in veterinary clinics and hospitals, more and more companies appear and prosper in the market specialized in the removal and transport of animals in serious condition, and which even have mobile ICU services for animals.

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