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Standard Poodle Sheet

The Standard Poodle, with all its grace and intelligence, is the oldest variation of all Poodles, also called the Giant Poodle.


For many centuries, the Poodle and the Barbet were the same breed. This dog was used as a wild bird hunter and guardian of goats and sheep, but, from the 16th century onwards, it began to differentiate itself little by little. Some remained hunters or guardians, but others underwent changes to make the texture of their fur smoother. The second type mentioned became our current poodles, which soon became the favorite pets of kings and princes.


THE Standard Poodle he has a very docile temperament. Like all Poodles, Standard is faithful, very attached to the owner. He is playful, sociable, observant and is considered the most intelligent of all canine breeds, being able to learn a lot and very quickly.


The body of the Standard Poodle dog is harmonious and strong, this breed is the largest of the Poodles. He has strong, well-developed legs. The ears are long, falling down beside the face and the muzzle is long, straight and thin.

Specific care

The Standard Poodle dog is self-centered, needs prizes, applause and attention. Socializing it is essential from the start. He is very affectionate with the owners, while with strangers he can be very antisocial and unpleasant.

Although it adapts easily to city life, the Standard Poodle needs space and exercise.
Hair care is very demanding and difficult, being necessary to take it to a professional.


The Giant Poodle is prone to hip dysplasia and eye problems. Ear infections are common, you should clean them once a week.

Video: Siba the standard poodle wins Best in Show at 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. FOX SPORTS (May 2021).