Dog food - Know how to offer a suitable diet to your pet

Dog food is one of the first items on the list of those who have just bought or adopted a pet, and must be carefully chosen so that the animal can receive a balanced diet with all the nutrients it needs to live well. However, today's pet market offers such a wide variety of types and versions, that many new owners may be confused when it comes to purchasing the components of a nutritious food for their pets.

In addition to drought and wet conditions, dog food also have versions for different stages of the animal's life (puppies, adults and the elderly) and for different pockets (common, standard, premium and super premium) - making available various categories of food and products for the owner of a pet to find the ideal option for your pet.

Find out below the main types and versions of dog food available in the pet market, and make an informed and judicious decision when choosing your pet's diet:

  • Puppy food
    Should be introduced into the animal's diet after about 45 days of life, puppy food should accompany the animal until it is one year old. At first, there may be a certain rejection on the part of the dog to dry food, and mixing these with wet food may be a good idea for the pet to get used to the new diet.
  • Adult dog food
    The animal must start to feed with adult dog food from one year of age, and these products already have all the variety of nutrients necessary to keep the dog healthy. Many are differentiated by the type of size of the animal; therefore, keep an eye on the packaging when buying.
  • Feed for elderly dogs
    Like puppies, older dogs also need nutrients and specific amounts of food to live well, and dog food for older dogs meets all kinds of needs for older pets, enabling them to have energy and health at this stage of life.
  • Common ration
    It is the cheapest type of dog food available on the market and, in most cases, of lower quality. Of natural composition, it does not usually provide all the nutrients that the animal needs, and requires attention from the owners, in addition to some supplements.
  • Standard Ration
    Balanced, in most cases it can contribute to a good diet for dogs; however, it may leave a little to be desired when it comes to the quality of the protein. It is a quality feed and produced by many companies recognized in the market.
  • Premium Feed
    With an animal composition and rich in proteins, it costs more than the rations mentioned above; however, it is of guaranteed quality and still helps digestion in the animal's body. Taking more time to be absorbed, it ends up causing the animal to eat less often and, therefore, it may end up paying off in the cost x benefit ratio.
  • Super Premium Food
    Of 100% animal origin, the Super Premium dog food is the most expensive of all on the current market, and all its preservatives are natural. Like Premium, it is also able to help in the digestion of food by the pet, and has a lot of protein, avoiding the need for the animal to seek food as an energy source.

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