8 Cats Books You Must Read

There are people who are addicted to cats. There are people who are addicted to books. There are people who are addicted to both and will love to know that we are going to bring here a list of 8 books about cats that every gatekeeper (and who also loves reading) needs to know!

The books range from stories involving cats, books on how to deal with a cat at home and even a biography! That's right. This is the case of our first book, A stray cat named Bob.

1. A stray cat named Bob

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The book is narrated by the owner of Bob, a homeless person in London named James Bowen. James tried to get out of a drug addiction situation and played on the streets to get money. One day Bowen found an orange cat with a bruised paw, very thin, like someone who had been starving. Bowen named him Bob and decided to take care of him as he could, feeding and caring for him.

At first, Bowen would take care of the cat until he got better and went back to whoever owned it, but the cat decided to stay. Bob remains with Bowen, in all the moments of difficulty and danger that life on the streets imposes, and does not let go. Bowen says that Bob seems to understand him and helps him to live in the present, disconnecting from the past.

Who likes to books about cats will love to read the story of this duo. The book was among the top ten best sellers in Brazil in the nonfiction genre for weeks. The success was so great that the book will gain a sequel, scheduled for the end of this year, with no publication date in Brazil.

The second book will be called “The world according to Bob”. And the first is already being thought of to become a script and end up on the big screen. Who will produce the film is the same team of "Marley & Me", a success for those who love dogs.

2. 100 cats that changed civilization

Another very interesting book in our list of books about cats. This book was written by Sam Stall, author of another work known to gatekeepers, “Cat, Owner's Manual”. The book tells the story of a hundred pussies that somehow made a difference in society.

In this book you will meet a cat who has sued, a cat who extinguished a species of bird, a cat who called the police and much more.

3. A castaway who laughs

Now let's talk about fiction literature in the category of books about cats. This book by author Rogério Menezes is a story told by a cat named Ravic, after his death. In the greatest style of posthumous memories, this feline tells how his last months of life were, with his owner Antonio Martiniano.

4. Dewey - A Cat Among Books

Written by Vicki Myron and in collaboration with Bret Witter, this is another book about cats that tells a true story. The story tells of a cat found at the Spencer Public Library, Iowa in the United States. The library director found the kitten in the return box and decides to tell about how Dewey made the city and library visitors his best friends.

5. Casper - The traveling cat

Susan Finden's book, this is also one of the books about cats that tells real facts. Susan brings us the story of Casper, a cat that has conquered the whole world. He became famous after the newspapers started reporting on a black and white cat who took the number 3 bus and made an 18km trip daily through the city of Plymouth, Devon.

While the owner, Susan, wondered where Casper spent so much time away from home, the kitten rejoiced the lives of countless people who traveled with the number 3 bus. Drivers were already aware of the presence of this special passenger and Casper became so famous that he turned transport company mascot. Susan tells us in this book everything about this cat that has won over many people.

6. The book of cats

Better than one book about cats only The Book of Cats! This book, by Estevão Robeiro, tells five different stories of five cats, where the fate of one of them changes everyone's life. This book shows how the plight of stray cats is, also talks about the relationship of humans and animals in a big city, raising issues such as abandonment, adoption and NGOs.

7. Cat, owner's manual

This book by Sam Stall and Dr. David Brunner is a true guide to everything a cat owner needs to know about felines. The fun title followed by an even more subtitle, “instructions and advice for problem solving and permanent maintenance” brings tips on how to deal with the most diverse situations with your cat and how to care for it. It is a fun and enjoyable read.

8. Lowercase love

The last on the list of books about cats is from fictional literature. Written by Francesc Miralles, the book tells how a cat that appeared out of nowhere in the apartment of the character Samuel, who lives alone, changed his life.

The cat takes Samuel out of his world of solitude, making him find Titus, who will teach him important lessons in life and helping him to rediscover a great childhood love, Gabriela. That's when the adventures of this duo begin.

And then?! Ready to head into the world of feline literature? Do you know any more interesting titles? Leave it in the comments!

Good reading!

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