He left everything behind to make the journey of his life with the cat

He quit his job, sold the house, now travels with his cat. A good idea for life?

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Their names are Rich and Willow. Rich is a man. Willow - his black cat. Until recently, they led an ordinary life in Tasmania in the town of Hobart. Where did the idea for a life journey with a cat come from?

In May 2015, Rich decided to make his dream come true. He quit his job, sold the house and all the equipment, packed himself and his cat, and set off on the journey of his life in a camper van.

They traveled across both Tasmania and Australia.

They saw the Great Barrier Reef, the mountains and deserts of the interior, sandy beaches, and countless sunsets and sunrises.

Their journey ended in February 2017. In total, they visited all 6 Australian states. Impressive result! No other cat has done it.

Some knocked their heads, why ride a cat is just a worry and an extra burden. Rich made his dream of a great journey come true, but he was not going to leave his pet for someone else. He knew him well enough to know Willow would find himself on the road.

It is an exceptionally open and brave cat, relaxed and disciplined at the same time, not far away from the camper and its guardian.

To always know Willow's whereabouts, Rich put a GPS collar on him. Thanks to this, he always knew where his four-legged friend was.

The great journey is over. They returned to normal life. Rich tells everyone, “Don't give up on your desires and dreams. If you really want something, there will be a way to do it. Together with Willow, we have seen extraordinary places and experienced extraordinary moments. I can't imagine this trip without my purring friend. "

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