Meet Doga, Yoga for dogs

Whoever has a dog, knows that one of the best things about having one is being able to do activities together. There are sports options, in addition to walks and games, which provide the owner time with his pet, in addition to socializing the dog and keeping it in shape. For now there is a novelty that will give you another option of activity with your dog: doga, yoga for dogs.

THE yoga for dogs emerged in the United States, when a group of people who were concerned about their own health, and wanted to practice yoga, decided to think of something that would combine the useful with the pleasant, that is, the owner could exercise and take care of his health while enjoyed a leisurely time with his dog. Doga is the combination of the words dog (dog in English) + yoga.

The premise of doga is that uniting people with their animals, with the mutual love that exists between them, it is much easier to create an environment of relaxation and provide more pleasurable activities.

How to do Doga

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The technique used in yoga for dogs it is not very different from the version of human yoga, actually. What happens is the adaptation of the movements performed. One of the movements, for example, is for the owner to stretch, while the dog rests on it. Another common movement is for the owner to lengthen the dog's paws, also extending the arm itself.

However, there are those who are against the practice of doga. The reasons are varied. One of the problems that can arise during the yoga session with dogs is due to the dogs' natural instinct for territoriality. Many dogs, in the same enclosed space, can end up in confusion.

However, those who practice yoga for dogs they have never witnessed a situation like this, claim that dogs behave and the climate of the environment contributes to keeping them calm. One technique used when a dog starts to change is the mantra aum (om). According to practitioners, the mantra helps to calm dogs.

There are also those who say that the presence of the dog in yoga ends up distracting the owner and the mental connection with the body is lost, this being one of the main objectives of the practice and, therefore, doga is not an alternative to yoga.

If the yoga for dogs distracts the owner or not, it is not yet proven. The important thing to remember is that it will never be a bad choice to opt for a leisure time with your pet. And if it does you good, why not? Long live the doga!

Video: DOGA, Yoga with Dog Class Excerpts from International Doga Day IG Live. Doga Alchemy (May 2021).