4 tips to make your dog happy and healthy

Have you ever stopped to think if your dog has a good and happy life? A dog, like us, needs more than food, water and a place to sleep. The dog is a loving pet and is very happy to receive attention and affection and is often content with it. But we can do more for them. Here you will know how to make your dog happy.

  1. Dog health

One happy dog it is also a healthy dog ​​and vice versa. Make sure your puppy gets all the canine vaccines he needs, that he is taken to the vet regularly and has a good diet. When the dog becomes ill, there is no way to improve unless you take care of him, you are responsible for the health of your pet and must take care of the best possible way, so your dog will remain your best friend for many, many years.

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  1. Food and fresh water

Good food, that is, food that contains all the necessary nutrients for the health of the dog, is one of the requirements of good health that you should be aware of. Do not feed him leftover lunch food! Homemade food is only allowed if it is cooked especially for the dog, according to the rules established by a trusted veterinarian.

Another point is that the dog must like the feed. Nobody likes to be forced to eat something they don't like, right? Because your dog also doesn't like to be forced to eat something, nor should it be! If he rejects the feed, change it. Make yours happy dog.

Regarding water, it is important to note that standing water accumulates grease and dirt, it is not healthy. Change the water daily. Keep the pot always clean.

  1. Exercises and games

Some breeds need more exercise to expend energy, others are content with a walk. The important thing is to guarantee this time to the dog. If you don't have time, look for a professional like dog walkers, it's a great alternative. Dogs that spend a lot of time in prison are not happy dogs. They need to run, jump, have fun. If you go with the owner, they will like it even more!

Dogs love to learn tricks and spend time playing with their family. Try to provide this to your dog, even if it is not possible to become a daily habit.

  1. A good environment

The dog can feel the emotions of the people around him and are affected by them, they are sensitive animals. A harmonious home, with people who love it, is the basis of a happy and healthy life for the puppy.

Be loving to your dog, that love is returned three times!

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