Border Collie: nature and characteristics of the dog

As a talented and highly intelligent herding dog, the Border Collie was bred with very specific characteristics that are useful to him at work. Anyone who wants to keep such a dog properly should know how these determine its nature.

For his work as a herding dog, the Border Collie must be persistent, sporty, skillful, smart, independent and yet obedient. Herding and rounding up animals is in his blood, even if he is not kept as a herding dog. Therefore, one of the most important characteristics that the owner of a border collie should consider is that he hunts.

The Border Collie, its hunting behavior and its nature

The hunting behavior of a border collie is characterized by the cooperation with the shepherd. The dog sneaks up to the animals, rushes them, and drives them to the shepherd, who then takes over. Attacking or even tearing the animals is of course not his job. Nevertheless, because of this innate behavior, he has to obey his word: It can always happen that the four-legged friend breaks out on a horse pasture, or even wants to live out its herding instinct on running children. The owner should of course be able to prevent this in a matter of seconds.

In addition, the four-legged friend is very sensitive to irritation. The dog perceives loud noises and rapid movements far away. As a herding dog, this is useful to him, in everyday life it can lead to overreactions. Its nature is also determined by a lightning-fast responsiveness. If he sees a cat on a busy street, this part of its properties can also be dangerous.

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What you should consider as the owner of a border collie

It is not only for this reason that you should always take good care of your Border Collie. The dog also tends to overestimate himself physically. He would do anything for his shepherd, including his master. Of course, it is good to work it out during a walk or agility training, but not too much. In addition, the herding dog has a high sensitivity, learns incredibly quickly (including wrong behaviors) and is assertive.

How to turn it around: The Border Collie is a great dog, but it belongs in experienced, loving hands, to people who have time for him, can estimate his limits and can offer him enough capacity!