Large, larger space. Dog breeds for large houses

In the world there are thousands of dog breeds spread across the globe. For canine lovers, having a companion to share the day-to-day life can be a very pleasant choice due to the joy and loyalty provided by the animal. The possibilities for breeding species increase taking into account the size of the owner's residence. Dog choices for large homes can range from a common home to a farm or ranch.

You dogs for big houses they have a similarity between breeds, in addition to the size, which is the care that the owner should have when choosing to create a large animal. The bigger the “pet”, the greater the medical, food and hygienic care of the dog. And, remembering, a large dog needs the same level of attention as small dogs raised in apartments.

Meet some large dog breeds.

For those who have a medium to large residence, and do not want to risk too much in choosing the animal, the popular German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Pit Bull are a good choice. Although they have a reputation for being aggressive, this type of behavior only occurs when the owner encourages or mistreats the animal, who ends up feeling the need to fight back against everything and everyone. Every dog ​​is aggressive if he is not raised with care by the owner.

The Kuvasz, Saint Bernard, Afghanhound and Alaskan Malamute (similar to the Husky), are really big species. These are great for areas of mild and cold temperature due to the dense coat of their bodies. Those large dogs they need to be brushed to keep the hairs clean and, from time to time, clipped when the weather is hot to avoid infections by bacteria and fungi.

Others dogs for big houses, but now for regions with high temperature, taking into account the short coat, are the Fila Brasileiro, Greyhound, Great Dane, Borzoi and Irish Wolfhound. These species adapt easily to any home that has enough space to support its size.

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